Key Takeaways

  • Become a member of the National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC), the only national organization dedicated to senior center professionals.

  • Be part of the organization that's setting the standard for the future of senior centers.

  • To learn how to become a NISC Member, please email us at


The National Institute of Senior Centers is committed to supporting and strengthening the nation’s 11,000 senior centers through best practices, professional development, advocacy, research, and national standards and accreditation.

Why should you join NISC?

We are the only organization solely focused on the needs of senior center professionals.

NISC leadership, senior center professionals, and the National Council on Aging's (NCOA) staff work in partnership to address the issues that are most important to you, the older adults you serve, and your communities. NCOA’s advocacy team ensures that your concerns are heard on Capitol Hill. 

As a NISC Member, you will receive concise e-newsletters focused on the issues you care about—policies that affect funding, grants, and awards you can apply for, and best practices you can adapt for your senior center.

NISC is setting the standard for the future of senior centers.

Building Excellence, the national standards manual for senior centers, is available to NISC members. Use it to do your own self assessment or as a guide to becoming a nationally accredited senior center. 

Your next big idea may come from half way across the country.

When you join NISC, you are instantly connected to a national network of professional support and innovative solutions. Ask for help, share an opinion, or get your next big idea within the NISC network.

NISC webinars provide a virtual tour of what’s working at other senior centers across the country and bring experts in the field directly to your desktop.

Benefits of NISC membership

Additional benefits

  • Public policy updates and advocacy
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Educational webinars
  • National senior center conference discounts
  • Aging in Stride—consumer newsletter content
  • Community education program materials and training
  • Networking and national projects
  • NISC Leadership and State Liason program

How to become a NISC member

Become a member of the only national organization for senior center professionals. You’ll instantly be connected to a national network of support and innovative solutions. For information on how to become a member, or if you're an academic institution, nonprofit, or corporation interested in supporting NISC, please contact us at

What members are saying ...

Through NISC, I have learned how to be a successful advocate for my seniors and the programs we offer.
Chuck Ricks, Senior Center Director, WV
On NISC’s online community, I get answers to questions I didn’t think to ask and find solutions to problems before they begin!
Dianne Stone, Senior Center Director, CT
NISC accreditation gives us amazing leverage. When we write grants, we will be much more attractive to the grantors.
Paula Dolan-Pare, Volunteer & Former Senior Center Director, MA