The Patterson Foundation (TPF), an enterprise funder of NCOA, has been excited to invest in launching the Aging Mastery Program® (AMP) in the Sarasota, FL, region.

TPF initiated a venture exploring the sustainability of AMP and invited three agencies in our region to participate: Enrichment Center at Renaissance on 9th in Bradenton, Friendship Centers in Sarasota and Venice, and Aging in Paradise Resource Center on Longboat Key.

In early April, we held a Learning and Sharing Session. The team of agencies and NCOA had journeyed together connecting and communicating about planning, implementing, and evaluating AMP with the goal of assessing the sustainability of the program.

The three-hour session included each agency’s fully loaded cost analysis, a summary of strategies and results regarding sustainability, outcomes of the program, impressions of impact, suggestions for what could be improved, and intentions for the future. Each agency shared what they had learned about communications, organizational changes experienced, challenges, and “aha” moments.

The unique nature of AMP supported a cross-agency agreement to experiment with charging around $100 for the 10-week program. No agency had charged for the program previously. Charging proved successful. We learned that a combination of fees, sponsorships, and some grants will support AMP sustainability.

Each of the participating agencies plans to continue offering AMP; two of the three plan to “take it on the road.” They will explore offering AMP at other locations.

Having partnered throughout the entire journey and having participated in the Knowledge Sharing Session, NCOA has detailed reports along with pages and pages of notes to weave useful findings into the expansion of AMP as it continues to roll out across the nation.

TPF believes in strengthening people, organizations, and communities by connecting, learning, and sharing together. Together we are stronger. As we evolve together, we amplify the impact we can make.