Key Takeaways

  • Evidence-based program attendees may be identified as participants or completers.

  • Learn more about the requirements for collecting, entering, and managing this data in the National Falls Prevention Database.

  • These requirements are specific to organizations implementing programs with Administration for Community Living (ACL) funding. Always check with your specific funding source for requirements.

The National Falls Prevention Database is built on the Salesforce platform, and tracks data from host organizations, implementation sites, and participants for 17 evidence-based programs. Most are small group, workshop-based programs offered in locations such as senior centers, area agencies on aging, churches, libraries, hospitals, other community-based settings, and even online. Some programs are one-on-one (e.g., Otago). For ACL grantees, there are specific requirements for tracking "participants" in each of these programs.


  • Participant: An individual who attends at least one session of an evidence-based program.
  • Completer: A participant in a group program who completes the recommended intervention or the minimum number of total sessions. Database users are able to track program completers for quality assurance purposes. Reporting number of completers is not required for the ACL Falls Prevention grant program. 
  • Falls Prevention Program: For the purpose of the ACL Falls Prevention grant, an umbrella term that refers to community-based education programs that have been proven to reduce risk of falls, fear of falling, and fall related injuries among older adults. 
  • Session Zero: Session Zero is an optional information session offered prior to the first official program class. Generally, session zero includes an overview of the program and expectations for participation. Additionally, administrative paperwork is often collected at this time.  A session zero does not count toward participant or completer numbers. 

Grant Requirements & Data Entry

ACL Falls Prevention Grantees are expected to set goals to reach a specific number of participants. Both participants and completers (not required for grant reporting) are tracked for the following programs in the National Falls Prevention Database. Completion is based on the definition above.


Total Number of Sessions/

Number of Sessions Required for Completion

A Matter of Balance (in-person) 8/5
A Matter of Balance (Online) 9/5
Bingocize 20/16
CAPABLE Varies depending on participant needs
EnhanceFitness Ongoing; 22 sessions in the first 4 months to count as completer 
FallsTalk 1/1
FallScape 5/5
Fit & Strong! 24/18
Healthy Steps for Older Adults 2
Healthy Steps in Motion 8/5
Moving for Better Balance (YMCA) 24/15
The Otago Exercise Program 8/5
Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) 24/18
Stepping On 7/5
Tai Chi for Arthritis 16/16
Tai Chi Prime 12/11
Tai Ji Quan: Moving for Better Balance 48/36