Key Takeaways

  • Join this webinar to get tips on maximizing your reach to local stakeholders during Falls Prevention Awareness Week.

  • Aging services professionals will learn how to articulate the impact of limited public investment, along with growing demand, and the domino effect it's having on falls prevention programs and services.

  • Hear from your peers, and strategies they used to engage with local stakeholders and decision makers. 

Hear from your peers about the most effective ways to engage with your local stakeholders and decision-makers during Falls Prevention Awareness Week. 

By attending this webinar, you'll learn how to educating your elected officials about how public dollars support evidence-based falls prevention programs for older adults, caregivers, family members, and the community at large. Such engagement is key to implementing lasting and meaningful change on a local level to support all older adults in reducing and preventing falls.

Aging services professionals are well-positioned to explain how limited public investment, along with growing demand, is having a domino effect on programs and services that help older adults remain healthy and independent in their own homes and communities.

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