Key Takeaways

  • NISC Crossroads is your portal to access everything that membership has to offer, including checking your membership status, downloading exclusive document files, and interacting with senior center professionals from across the country.

Access National Institute of Senior Centers (NISC) Member benefits and interact with other senior center professionals all while using the Crossroads online platform. Those who are not NISC members can still have senior center questions answered in the Forum and share files there. Read the full tutorial and access our membership portal by logging in here.

NISC Membership Online Portal Features

  • Engage with senior center professionals: Get answers on questions you may have on any topic related to senior centers, and help others who may be looking for answers that you have.
  • Update your account information: Check your NISC Member account information to be sure that we can accurately send you information and member benefits. You can add contacts and edit information directly within NISC Crossroads.
  • Check your NISC Member status: Easily view your NISC membership status, and see when your annual membership payment is due.
  • Download membership materials: NISC Members can view the Members Library, and can download all NISC member benefits directly from the site.

Accessing NISC Crossroads

If you are a NISC Member lead contact, you should have already received an email to access the Senior Center Crossroads Community. The NISC Member lead contact for your organization is indicated on all invoices and receipts that are sent to your center regarding your NISC membership. Please let us know if you are a NISC lead and you haven’t received this email.

NISC Members who are not the leads:

Senior Center professionals who are not NISC Members:

Have Questions About How to Access Your NISC Member Benefits Portal?

Please contact NISC Member Services at with any question you may have on accessing NISC Crossroads, our online membership portal.