Key Takeaways

  • Having trouble understanding the Medicare enrollment periods that happen throughout the year?

  • There are several windows of time each year when people can enroll in Medicare or switch health/drug plans.

  • From the General Enrollment Period to the Annual Open Enrollment Period, learn when these Medicare windows occur and when coverage starts.

If you're having a hard time understanding the different enrollment periods for Medicare, Part D, and Medicare Advantage, you're not alone. This calendar breaks each enrollment period down, including when they occur, what beneficiaries can do during each Medicare enrollment period, and when changes to their coverage will occur.

This Medicare Enrollment Period Calendar Includes:

  • The Annual Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period
  • General Enrollment Period
  • Medicare Advantage and Part D Annual Open Enrollment Period
  • Initial Enrollment Period
  • Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period within Initial Coverage Election Period (ICEP)  
  • Special Enrollment Periods
  • Medigap Open Enrollment Period