Key Takeaways

Women retiring today often face a challenge—compared to men, they are likely to live longer but be less able to afford it. Planning early and saving early can only increase a woman’s chances of having enough money to last during retirement.

But due to the gender pay gap and caregiving responsibilities, millions of women enter retirement at a financial disadvantage. Since retirement savings is based on a percentage of a person's earnings, this translates into fewer dollars for women. 

So for women who are in or nearing retirement, what keeps them up at night with worry? What help and guidance are they seeking in this critical phase of life? 

Join NCOA and Nationwide as we reveal findings from our latest research on what women want when it comes to aging well. 


  • Ramsey Alwin, President and CEO of the National Council on Aging
  • Kristi Rodriguez, Senior Vice President, Nationwide Retirement Institute® - Nationwide Financial

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