Key Takeaways

  • The 10,000 senior centers in communities and neighborhoods across the country provide access to information, opportunities, and support to improve the lives of people in their communities as they age. 

  • Senior centers provide countless hours of support and encouragement to older adults, and have become integral to health care delivery in our communities.

  • We want to hear your senior center story! Share it with us today by telling your personal account of how your senior center has impacted the lives of older adults.

Senior centers impact the lives of millions of older adults in big and small ways every day. And we know that the heart of senior centers are the individual participant stories. They are poignant, impactful, and should be told.

Whether your center has improved socialization, supported better physical and mental health, increased community involvement, or offered an evidence-based program that's changed lives for the better—your senior center has made an impact, and we want to hear about it.

NCOA is committed to bringing more senior centers into the conversation to enable us to learn from one another, tell our stories, and raise our voices in advocacy efforts that frequently overlook us.

Don't worry! Your information is strictly confidential unless you tell us we can share it.