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Senior Center Spotlight for Professionals

Senior centers are vibrant sources of physical and social wellbeing, providing care and essential services to older adults. Read the real-life stories from senior centers on how they make an impact in the lives of their participants and their communities.

Read the real-life stories from senior centers on how they make an impact in the lives of their participants and their communities.

Tell Your Senior Center Story

Whether you're a senior center employee, a caregiver who depends on a senior center for a loved one's health care delivery, or an older adult who relies on the vital community services that senior centers offer to help keep you healthy and independent—you have a story to tell. Share it with NCOA so we can learn from one another and raise our voices in advocacy efforts that frequently overlook us.

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As the coronavirus pandemic continues, senior centers are finding ways to bring older adults back, both physically and with other types of outreach.

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Join the only national organization dedicated to serving senior center professionals. Free to join, NISC supports senior centers through best practices, professional development, advocacy, research, and national standards and accreditation.

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A group of seniors are doing exercises while seated at a senior center.

Explore. Learn. Connect.

You're passionate about serving older adults. We're passionate about giving you the latest knowledge to do your job even better. NCOA Connect is where aging professionals can access educational content at your convenience. Access live and on-demand webinars, conferences, and events sponsored by NCOA and our partners.

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A senior female with glasses on sits in a room of professionals during a meeting.

More Stories

After researching ways to broaden their impact on the local community, Groton Senior Center, always focused on fun and fitness, rebranded as Thrive 55+.

Jul 20, 2022

Senior Center Spotlight: Thrive 55+ Rebrands to Broaden Their Appeal

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In a city with 18 senior centers, Good Sam Senior Center doesn't seek to serve the entire older adult population, but serves the local community well.

Jun 23, 2022

Senior Center Spotlight: Good Sam Senior Center Gives Sense of Ownership

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The Chicago-area Center on Addison senior center offers a safe space for older LGBTQ adults to find support and connect with peers.

May 24, 2022

Senior Center Spotlight: Center on Addison Supports LGBTQ Community

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Arlington Heights Senior Center offers a one-stop-shop approach to give locals age 55 and older a place for nutrition support, recreation, socialization and more

Apr 22, 2022

Senior Center Spotlight: Arlington Heights Senior Center Showcases Cooperation

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Find out how Omaha-based Intercultural Senior Center evolved to offer programming and social activities with linguistic and cultural access for older adults from 20 countries.

Mar 30, 2022

Senior Center Spotlight: Intercultural Senior Center Evolves to Serve Seniors with Language Barriers

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Older adults are sitting in a computer training session at the William Hodson Senior Center in the Bronx, NY. The William Hodson Senior Center, widely recognized as the first senior center in the U.S, was created to address social isolation, poor nutrition, and lack of support for older adults.

Feb 23, 2022

Senior Center Spotlight: William Hodson Senior Center Addresses Social Isolation for Older Adults

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