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Help build a more just and caring society for all of us as we age. Explore how to support our mission, partner with us, and advocate on behalf of older adults.

A senior couple hugs at the top of a hill, looking down at their family walking together.

The Latest Research in Aging Services

NCOA fields surveys and analyzes the latest data to understand the shifting needs of older adults, especially those who are most at risk of health and financial insecurity. Explore our latest research reports and findings.

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A group of seniors is in a classroom setting, taking notes while a speaker is presenting.

Share Your COVID-19 Story

Life has changed so much since the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading in the United States. And each person has a story to tell. We want to hear yours.

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A food delivery service drops of groceries to a senior man wearing a mask and gloves during the pandemic.

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Since 1950, we’ve walked beside generations of Americans. NCOA delivers the resources, tools, best practices, and advocacy our nation needs to ensure that every person can age with health and financial security. But we can't do this work without you. Ask a question, suggest an idea, or tell us what's happening near you.

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An older woman is talking on her landline, smiling and looking off camera.

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